How we do our best work.

Photo by  Leio McLaren

Photo by Leio McLaren

Systems of Engagement

Moving from OK to great. Leadership development, professional development, accountability, communication practices. ei n eq

Systems of Conflict Management

From bad to OK/functional, our strategy for conflict management involves deep analysis of needs for safety and  How do we help build your capacity to resolve conflict? We reinforce and develop contingency systems to return a group back to healthy baseline. So Conflict Management = failure management, polarity thinking, negotiation in deficit and tolerance for ambiguity. This is good. Iā€™m happy to write about this.

Photo by  Max LaRochelle

Prioritize Values & Needs for Changes in Behavior

Many change efforts define their success in the achievement of a new behavior. This can result in the means justifying the ends when such strategies take a political, coercive or short-sighted approach to the fulfillment of their goal. We seek to influence change in a means as ends strategy by understanding, linking and fulfilling the underlying needs and values to the behaviors that they drive. In doing so we favor effectiveness over efficiency, sustainability over ease of implementation.